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OCCA Weekly Webinar - "Cost Effective Quality Control for Effect Colours"

OCCA Weekly Webinar - "Cost Effective Quality Control for Effect Colours"
Colin Wakeford of X-Rite will present "Cost Effective Quality Control for Effect Colours"

Date: Wednesday 11th November 2020

Time: 14:30 – 15:30

Venue: Webinar

Our Autumn Series of OCCA Weekly Webinars continues with "Cost Effective Quality Control for Effect Colours" presented by Colin Wakeford of X-Rite.

This webinar is free to attend, simply register below and you'll receive further details/instructions on how to join the webinar in due course.


The MA5QC multi-angle spectrophotometer, launched in October 2019, is a compact, cost-effective, production-oriented, easy-to-use instrument.

Based on the advanced LED technology which was introduced with the X-Rite MA T6 and T12 devices in 2017, this five-angle instrument (15°, 25°, 45°, 75° and 110° angles which comply with international automotive standards) has a 12mm measurement spot and provides reflectance data at 10nm intervals. The LED lamp technology provides long life, stability and up to 2,000 measurements per charge. Internal calibration negates the need for daily calibration to an external standard.

It can either be used stand-alone to give precise fast colorimetric pass/fail results via it’s easy-to-use touch screen menus or used in combination with X-Rite’s EFX-QC software to provide custom workflows and more detailed Pass/Fail detail.

The EFX-QC software is a cloud-based software solution with a clear, easy to follow workflow allowing for simple measurement, communication, and testing of colour across supply chains.

Speaker Profile - Colin Wakeford, Team Leader Applications Engineering - X-Rite Ltd

Colin gained an MPhil in Colour Chemistry from Heriot Watt University and since then has amassed 30 years of experience in the colour industry. As an applications engineer for GretagMacbeth and, now, X-Rite, Colin works across various industries, including paint, ink, and textiles, supporting customers in the UK and Nordic territories.

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