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About OCCA

The technical professional's organisation for members from coatings, ink, adhesives and an array of allied and associated industries.

OCCA Governance

As a registered charity in the UK, OCCA is controlled and administered by a voluntary Council of Trustees, in compliance with the strict requirements of the Charities Commission. This governing body (Council) of volunteers manages OCCA, sets strategy and authorises any key actions or strategy changes.

There are currently a number of Committees which each report into Council, the roles of which are identified as follows:

Committee Structure

Additionally, 3 regional Section Committees in the UK all report separately to central Council. Each of these local committees are comprised of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, organising technical programmes and events at local level. (See UK page for more contact details and meeting venues).

The international sections, or Divisional Committees, each run autonomously but in coordination with central Council (see International page for more details).

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