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Call for Papers - 2020 Vision of the Coatings Industry - 29th April 2020 Media City UK

Call for Papers - 2020 Vision of the Coatings Industry - 29th April 2020 Media City UK
Call for Papers - 2020 Vision of the Coatings Industry - 29th April 2020 Media City UK

Date: Wednesday 29th April 2020

Time: TBA

Venue: Media City UK

We are seeking presentations that will help us to expand our knowledge of the future of surface coatings and the coatings industry, hence the play on words “2020 vision of the Coatings Industry”

Following from the success of our 2019 seminar focused on innovation and sustainability, our 2020 seminar will focus on the future of the coatings industry. We intend to cover most aspects of our industry and what we feel the future will hold for all stakeholders involved with coatings.

Our thoughts on potential Presentations:

We are looking for new innovations within our industry and we are not confining ourselves to advancements in raw materials, so we would welcome presentations from all sectors that supply the coatings industry. We would also welcome presentations from end-users of coatings to see their view of the future of coatings. Some thoughts and key areas are listed below:

  • Novel raw materials, this can include technological advances, sustainable technology, or safer, less hazardous alternatives to current raw materials.
  • Innovations in manufacturing equipment, such as lower energy consumption, more efficient processing or manufacture time reduction.
  • New ideas from the test equipment sector, cloud-based data storage, communication of test data, and improved functionality.
  • Manufacturing and business innovations such as the use of AI and “The Internet of things” and the concept of big data.
  • The future of legislation, what is on the horizon and ideas to help make compliance easier for the industry.
  • New uses for coatings, what do end-users want from a coating and can coatings deliver new product requirements?
  • Education and recruitment, new training and educational courses, work placements, apprenticeships etc.

We are open to other ideas – just contact to discuss yours.

Contact us if you think you can contribute.

We’ll email you with further details and guidance on presentations
We can also provide information about booking TABLE TOP PRESENTATIONS, which include short ‘Table Top Overview’ presentation slots.

Paul Sheppard 
Ann-Marie Etherington
Phil Knowles   

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