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SURCON 2021 - Coatings for a brighter future

SURCON 2021 - Coatings for a brighter future
The Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association invites you to register for SURCON 2021.

Date: Wednesday 3 & Thursday 4 November 2021

Time: 09:00 – 17:00

Venue: Online Zoom Webinar

The Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association invites you to register for SURCON 2021.

OCCA’s mission is to promote links between academia and the coatings industry to support technical and scientific discoveries, create innovative products and encourage talented students to take advantage of the diverse prospects for employment that are available in this sector. It is this interaction that has enabled the industry to achieve technical and commercial success in the past and will support the development of new solutions to future challenges.

SURCON 2021 provides a forum for researchers, engineers and technologists from academia, government laboratories and industry to present their findings, exchange ideas and share insights. OCCA has a proven track record of bringing academics and industry R&D professionals together and SURCON 2021 is no exception. The conference will provide an opportunity to showcase innovative science & technologies related to surface science and surface coatings, including paints, inks, adhesives and sealants.

In view of the ongoing situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, and in a change to previous announcements, OCCA’s Technical Committee have taken the decision to run SURCON 2021 as an online event only, rather than the proposed hybrid event which was due to have taken place at Media City, Salford.

The event will include a full two-day programme comprising four sessions led by a keynote speaker. Delegates have the option of registering for the full programme, or either Day 1 or Day 2, to suit themselves.

SESSION 1 – Sustainability and the Environment
Wednesday morning, 3 November 2021

Sustainability, in its many guises, is arguably the most important driver confronting the coatings industry. Paint and ink manufacturers are developing and, in some cases, are already supplying products to support their customers with ever-increasing sustainable content, because of growing public demand for more sustainable products and increased product recyclability.

The session will be led by keynote speaker, Tom Bowtell (BCF), who will discuss 'Sustainability in the Coatings Industry - solutions to creating a circular economy', followed by presentations by:

  • Dr. Matthias Pfeiffer (BASF), ‘New plasticizers based on alternative raw materials’.
  • Dr. Bart Noordover (allnex), ‘Isocyanate-free, fast-drying primer/topcoat systems‘.
  • Tony Heslop (BASF), ‘The impossible bottle – a case study in making paper hold liquid using formulated dispersion technology’.
  • Dr. Yolande Cordeaux and Dr. Lukas Schertel (University of Cambridge/Impossible Materials), 'Sustainable colours inspired by nature'.


SESSION 2 – Sustainability and the Environment
Wednesday afternoon, 3 November 2021

Health, safety and environmental concerns have been an omnipresent issue in coatings development for decades with the emergence of VOC legislation and replacement of lead, to the more recent Chemicals Management regulations, such as REACH and TSCA, to protect workers and consumers. The last two years have, however, refocused attention on antimicrobial coatings and their performance, and brought a new category of coating, antiviral coatings, under the spotlight.

Keynote speaker Peter Askew (IMSL UK), a recognised expert in the field of test methodology for assessing the efficacy of antimicrobial coatings, will discuss ‘Antimicrobial coatings: Possibilities and limitations’.

This will be followed by Dr. James Redfern (Manchester Metropolitan University) on ‘How do we determine the efficacy of an antimicrobial surface?’

Other session papers include:

  • Xavier Franc (Synthron), ‘Polymeric flow and levelling agents for water-borne coatings’.
  • Dr. Romain Severac (Angus Chemical), ‘Improving indoor air quality with amino alcohols’.


SESSION 3 – Colour
Thursday morning, 4 November 2021

Colour is a topic close to OCCA’s heart. It is an essential, ever-present component of paints and inks. As such, there is a long history of colourant development, colour measurement and our understanding of colour perception. Keynote speaker Prof. Long Lin (University of Leeds) will attempt to answer some of life’s more important colour questions with the aid of work undertaken over the last thirty years in a presentation entitled: ‘Colour and colourants: Perception, creation, application and quantification’.

Other speakers in this session will address new developments in colour measurement and titanium dioxide optimisation, including:

  • Matthew Adby (X-Rite), Cloud colour formulation & quality, what advantages can an AWS architecture provide?
  • Henrik Folkerts (BYK Gardner), ‘Lighting up the darkness of BLACK. Quantifying jetness with a new spectrophotometer’.
  • Andy White (FP Pigments), ‘Improvements in TiO₂ optimisation through the incorporation of air voids in TiO₂/CaCO₃ composite pigments’.

Like other areas of the coatings industry, there are also sustainability concerns in the colourants industry. Ad van Oorschot (Black Bear) will consider the ‘Latest advances of recovered carbon blacks in paints, coatings, plastics and inks’.


SESSION 4 – Green Chemistry
Thursday afternoon, 4 November 2021

The drive towards more sustainable coatings is reliant on the availability of raw materials from renewable resources and being able to substitute fossil fuel-based components. This involves identifying a suitable renewable resource (that will not compromise food resources) and using microbial and/or chemistry processes to obtain a valuable intermediate or constituent for pigments/dyes, resins and other coating components.

This session will include presentations addressing new technology developments in each of these areas, including:

  • Dr. Rob McElroy (University of York), ‘Sustainable solvents and mesoporous materials in surface chemistry’.
  • Jonathan Lane (NXT Levvel), ‘Potential for levulinates as coalescing agents’.
  • Durgesh Kumar Soni (Harcourt Butler Technical University), ‘Some important steps in isocyanate free route for synthesis of polyurethanes’.
  • Prof. Doris Vollmer/Dr. William Wong (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research).

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