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OCCA Weekly Webinar - "Paliocrom® Effect Pigments – Exceptional Color & Performance"

OCCA Weekly Webinar - "Paliocrom® Effect Pigments – Exceptional Color & Performance"
Andre Bendo of BASF Colors & Effects will present "Paliocrom® Effect Pigments – Exceptional Color & Performance"

Date: Wednesday 9th December 2020

Time: 14:30 – 15:30

Venue: Webinar

Our Autumn Series of OCCA Weekly Webinars continues with "Paliocrom® Effect Pigments – Exceptional Color & Performance" presented by Andre Bendo of BASF Colors & Effects.

This webinar is free to attend. Simply register below and you'll receive further details and joining instructions in due course.


In the pigment world, breakthrough developments trigger a market-wise shift in formulation strategy and unlock a next generation of colors and stylings.  There is no better example for this than with BASF Colors & Effects’ Paliocrom® effect pigments.  For over twenty-five years, the Paliocrom® series has driven novel styling development by leveraging chroma, brilliance and hiding – all in one pigment.  Spanning across the gold to red color space, the iron oxide-coated aluminums portfolio has expanded to provide solutions for designer’s and end customer’s styling needs.  While originally developed for Automotive, usage has accelerated into Liquid Industrial and Coil Coating applications.  Color positioning and technical performance will be covered in this session as well as a discussion on target applications and guidance on product selection.

Speaker Profile - Andre Bendo

Senior Technical Industry Manager

BASF Colors & Effects

Andre Bendo is a Senior Technical Industry Manager with BASF Colors & Effects.  Based in North America, he has over 27 years of experience related to pigments and coating applications.  Andre has gained an interesting perspective on pigments through a variety of positions in Research & Development, Quality, Production, Marketing, Business Development and Technical Service.  Currently focused on Automotive grade pigments, he also serves as Regional Launch Manager for the Paliocrom® series of effect pigments.  Andre holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware (USA).

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