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OCCA Weekly Webinar - "Thiocure® - Polythiol curing agents for Coatings"

OCCA Weekly Webinar - "Thiocure® - Polythiol curing agents for Coatings"
Tom Beyersdorff of Bruno Bock Thiochemical will present "Thiocure® - Polythiol curing agents for Coatings"

Date: Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Time: 14:30 – 15:30

Venue: Webinar

Our Autumn Series of OCCA Weekly Webinars continues with "Thiocure® - Polythiol curing agents for Coatings" presented by Tom Beyersdorff of Bruno Bock Thiochemical.

This webinar is free to attend. Simply register below and you'll receive further details and joining instructions in due course.


Thiocure® products are a class of specialized curing agents that improve adhesion, chemical and UV resistance as well as shine in a coating.  Thiocure® products can be widely combined with commercially available resins such as epoxies, isocyanates, acrylics or polysulfides.

In this webinar we will provide an introduction to our Thiocure® technology with a focus on epoxy and isocyanate based formulations. We will discuss the benefits of Thiocure® curing agents and their Influence on the properties of the cured products.

This webinar is intended for those who are seeking novel solutions for their formulations!

Speaker Profile - Dr. Tom Beyersdorff

Technical Marketing

Bruno Bock Thiochemicals

Dr. Beyersdorff received his PhD in organic chemistry from Freiburg University in 2004. The same year he started as Head of Special Chemistry with the newly founded start‐up IoLiTec GmbH IN Freiburg/Germany. In 2006 Dr. Beyersdorff became Head of Marketing at IoLiTec GmbH and was responsible for the incorporation of the companies US distribution subsidiary IoLiTec Inc. located in Tuscaloosa/Alabama, which he ran as President from 2010‐2012. From 2012 until 2016 he was Sales Engineer for UK based REM Surface Engineering Ltd. Since 2016 Dr. Beyersdorff is in charge of Technical Marketing at Bruno Bock Thiochemicals.

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