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OCCA Weekly Webinar - Benefits of water-borne epoxy-phenolic pre-condensates

OCCA Weekly Webinar - Benefits of water-borne epoxy-phenolic pre-condensates
Andreas Hermes of Allnex will present "Benefits of water-borne epoxy-phenolic pre-condensates"

Date: Wednesday 7th July 2021

Time: 14:30 – 15:30

Venue: Webinar

Our Series 4 of OCCA Weekly Webinars continues with "Benefits of water-borne epoxy-phenolic pre-condensates" presented by Andreas Hermes of Allnex.

This webinar is free to attend, simply register below and you'll receive further details & joining instructions in due course.


Allnex has developed several water-based epoxy-phenolic systems with excellent storage stability for usage in corrosion-resistant coatings. These systems can be used as either the sole binder or in combination with other phenolic or melamine resins. Free formaldehyde content is very low, so some of these products will not need to be labelled with H 350 classification. The baked films provide high chemical resistance and outstanding corrosion protection on degreased or phosphated steel sheets. The resins of the PHENODUR® VPW series from allnex impress with their wide range of applications, both in a traditional stoving process and under “coil-coating” conditions. Depending on the existing application environment, the user can choose between several application temperatures.

Speaker Profile - Andreas Hermes


Andreas Hermes worked after the end of his apprenticeship for several years in the field of application technology for Can & Coil-Coatings at Hoechst AG and successors (Vianova, Solutia and CYTEC). In 2007, he moved into R&D in the area of automotive components at a coatings manufacturer with a focus on corrosion protection. In 2012, he joined a German Carbon Black producer as Technical Market Manager for Coatings Applications, before he came back to the application technology department for Can & Coil Coatings at allnex in 2015. Now, Andreas is responsible for the Technical Service of Amino and Phenolic resins in the EMEA region.

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