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OCCA Weekly Webinar - How to formulate MEKO-free alkyds and achieve high performance

OCCA Weekly Webinar - How to formulate MEKO-free alkyds and achieve high performance
Sebastian Dziki of Borchers will present "How to formulate MEKO-free alkyds and achieve high performance"

Date: Wednesday 20th October 2021

Time: 14:30 – 15:30

Venue: Webinar

Our Series 5 of OCCA Weekly Webinars continues with "How to formulate MEKO-free alkyds and achieve high performance" presented by Sebastian Dziki of Borchers.

This webinar is free to attend, simply register below and you'll receive further details & joining instructions in due course.


In-can skinning is a common problem when formulating oxidatively cured systems, primarily solvent borne, high solid, and low VOC alkyds, which are very susceptible to this issue. Skinning results from the reaction between the resin in the paint and the oxygen trapped at the surface of the can. For many years, the most popular additive used to prevent in-can skinning in alkyd paints has been methyl-ethyl-ketoxime (MEKO). However, due to increased efforts for more sustainable, non-toxic coatings, along with recent regulatory changes, this additive is no longer a plausible solution.

The European Commission recently published the entry of MEKO with the classification of 1B carcinogen with a concentration limit at ≥ 0.1% (ATP 15 part 3 Annex VI). From March 1, 2022 onward, formulators cannot utilize MEKO if it meets or exceeds the concentration limits. This directive, coupled with the many protocols required for handling the raw material based on its hazard pictograms, is a significant regulatory push to remove this raw material from alkyd formulations.

When deciding on MEKO alternatives, it is also essential to consider their impact on dry times, as adding too much anti-skin can slow drying. Cobalt driers are typically added to alkyd formulations to enhance dry times. However, like MEKO, cobalt driers may also face regulatory issues in the near future. 

Join the experts at Borchers to learn how to formulate MEKO-free and cobalt-free sustainable coatings without compromising performance. 

Speaker Profile - Sebastian Dziki

Regional Technical Service Chemist


Sebastian joined Borchers’ Technical Service Team in Germany in 2019 as a chemist. Since then, he has provided numerous performance-driven solutions with Borchers’ additives, driers, and catalysts in paint and coating formulations. Before joining Borchers, he worked for PPG Industries in R&D for their Architectural and Protective and Marine Coatings divisions. Sebastian holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical technology and a master’s degree in material engineering.

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