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OCCA Corporate Sponsor: BYK-Gardner

BYK-Gardner Q.C Instruments is delighted to have joined OCCA. After attending several events, we can see that this is a good decision, and look forward to a bright future with OCCA

— Michael Bishop, UK & I Sales Manager

Since 1924, BYK-Gardner has been the leader in the field of coatings and plastics testing.

Today, BYK-Gardner is part of the Additives and Instruments Division of Altana AG, a worldwide leader in the additive and instruments sector. Together we offer complete and unique solutions for paint, coatings and plastics industries.

BYK-Gardner QC instruments can prove the enhanced quality of coatings and plastics, from gloss, appearance (Wavescan) solid colour (Spectroguide) and metallic & effect colours (BYKmac i), which also measures sparkle and graininess.

In addition, BYK-Gardner can also provide a comprehensive range of equipment to condition and apply your paint and samples, right through to testing of their physical test properties.

As well as direct instrument sales, BYK-Gardner can now offer an instrument repair and certification service from its new ISO 17025-accredited UK facility near Heathrow, London.

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