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OCCA Corporate Sponsor: BYK-Gardner

We are delighted to be able re-join OCCA as we move into the new post Brexit era. OCCA membership offers the opportunity to work alongside members from our key markets including coatings, ink, adhesives and a diverse range of associated specialist industries, Understanding their needs more closely and developing future Quality Control solutions will lead to a successful future partnership, and we are very much looking forward to re-engaging with OCCA and it’s members at future events including Surfex and the SCI publications.

— Michael Bishop, UK & I Sales Manager

Measure what you see! Since 1924, BYK-Gardner have been the leader in the field of coatings and plastics testing.

We develop innovative high-tech instruments, software and services for testing colour, appearance, and physical properties.

BYK-Gardner QC instruments can prove the enhanced quality of coatings, Inks and plastics, from Gloss, Appearance (Wave-scan) Solid Colour & Colour fastness (Spectro2guide), Metallic & Effect Colours Sparkle and Graininess (BYK-mac i), Cloudiness (Cloud-runner), and Transparency (Haze-gard i).

Our latest pioneering technology, the spectro2profiler, is the first hand-held instrument to measure the surface texture of leather-like finishes, fine structured finishes, and coarse structures. You can now check the quality of structured surface, determining colour, gloss, and analysis of the 3D topography of the surface texture.

We can also provide a comprehensive range of Application equipment to condition and apply your samples, right through to Physical Testing of their properties.

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