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OCCA Corporate Sponsor: Lankem

As a new corporate sponsor of OCCA, we believe Lankem will benefit greatly with further interaction with other OCCA members. Being a UK manufacturer with a big emphasis on research and development, we look forward to showcasing our new products to a wider audience

— Sean Hodgkinson, Sales Director

Lankem is a UK manufacturer of specialty surfactants for industrial market sectors.

Research and development of new products are very important to our business, and we have some of the best additives available for the coatings industry. In particular, we have recently developed a range of pigment dispersing agents for aqueous, solvent and UV systems.

Emulsifiers for emulsion polymerisation are also an important part of our business. We can offer advice on types of emulsifiers to use in different polymer systems.

With technical staff that can offer good solutions, we believe we are able to offer true expertise in all surfactant technologies. If you need further information, please view our website.

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