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OCCA Corporate Sponsor: SBZ Corporation

SBZ Corporation is a privately-owned global organisation specialising in formulating, manufacturing, and supplying coatings, resins, fuel and lubricant additives, base oils, marker dyes and speciality products for industry. Our vast range of speciality products includes surfactants, waxes and process oils, suitable for a variety of applications.

Our manufacturing plants, laboratories and robust supply chain offer excellent service to the UK, Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.

SBZ has invested significantly in the business, expanding our manufacturing capacity, laboratory facilities, toll blending and securing global storage – meeting increasing demands for our products. We work collaboratively with our valued customers, manufacturing bespoke products – offering technical solutions and individual support.

Run by SBZ’s experienced chemists, our state-of-the-art laboratories focus on product quality and development projects, leading to new and innovative products – compliant with national and global standards. We welcome your enquiries.

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