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OCCA Corporate Sponsor: Vibro-Mac

Established in 1968, Vibro-Mac is a family-owned company, based in Italy, that has been manufacturing and supplying equipment into the paints and coatings, inks, sealants, chemical, construction and adhesives industries, and virtually any industry with a requirement for plant and mixing machinery, for over half a century.

Renowned for SUBMILL® the first Basket Mill manufactured in Europe, they also manufacture and supply dissolvers, mixers, press out machines and a complimentary range of ancillary equipment, which can be tailor-made to meet specific manufacturing conditions and requirements.

In addition to the above, Vibro-Mac also has the capability to coordinate, plan and design turn-key plants, including on-site maintenance, post-sales service and the training of associates. Collaboration with strategic partners enables them to achieve a high level of automation and innovation. Each plant is equipped with dedicated systems of process and detailed engineering and automated systems to control and manage the various production stages.

Vibro-Mac has a strong international presence, with plants and machines in almost every country worldwide, providing confidence and assurance to customers and partners alike in terms of providing essential services whenever needed.

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