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OCCA Corporate Sponsor: Wilfrid Smith

Wilfrid Smith are delighted to become the 10th Corporate Sponsor of OCCA and view it as an excellent opportunity to establish a partnership with the association. We look forward to networking with other members and the benefits from the sharing of knowledge and business opportunities that this will bring. This mutually beneficial partnership will strongly increase our exposure and enhance our company profile

— Phil Knowles - Sales Manager

Established in 1927 Wilfrid Smith is one of the leading independent distributors of speciality raw materials and chemicals in the UK.

Our Industrial Division represents many world-class manufacturers, supplying raw materials for the surface coating, ink, adhesive, composite and sealant industries. Our product range provides the building blocks for formulators to innovate and includes high-performance anticorrosive pigments, resins, additives, rheology modifiers, flame retardants, functional fillers, and metallic and other effect pigments.

Our highly skilled team pride themselves on providing the highest levels of technical and commercial expertise, support and service, while maintaining the personal touch of an
independent company.

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