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OCCA Corporate Sponsor: X-Rite

A global leader in the science and technology of colour and appearance, X-Rite focuses on providing the most complete and integrated end-to-end solutions for the specification, communication, measurement, management and reporting of colour, serving a range of industries including coatings, paint, packaging, plastics, apparel, cosmetics, home furnishings, food and many more.

With so many stages where colour can go wrong, it can be hard to get it right. That’s where our 60+ years of experience in colour manufacturing can help.

At X-Rite we understand that any variation in raw materials or the production process can impact the colour consistency of your final product. Correcting colour during production – or missing a colour issue all together – can result in expensive waste and customer dissatisfaction. X-Rite’s colour management solutions minimise these risks, ensuring consistent, accurate colour across all stages of your process, from design and formulation through to final production and quality control.

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